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About Us

We Happy Canabis (Canadian+Cannabis) are Canadian wholesalers who have the love of cannabis industry. We carry an array of different products that contain CBD and THC that will suit your needs. We only carry the top products in the  industry and have a strict quality control screening before entering our distribution channel.

Our production team is always on top of this rapidly growing market by making improvements when needed and establishing new cannabis products for you to offer your customers. All products are lab tested and certified by professionals to give our customers confidence, high quality and reliability.


Quality you can Trust

At Happy Canabis, we believe in building a safe and enjoyable experience for you every time. We have a qualified team composing of E Commerce, marketing and management strategists. We are a customer friendly company that focuses on quality, price and great customer service. We believe in creating long lasting relationships with our vendors and customers. Happy Canabis always takes time to understand clients customer needs such as quality, service and timing.

 Our strategy is to provide exceptional customer service with absolute commitment, speedy processes and professionalism. We make solid relationships with all our vendors so we can give our customers the best Service.