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EuphoricBliss CBD Full Spectrum

Full-Spectrum CBD extracts a wide range of cannabinoids and other compounds that are found in the original hemp plant. This gives full spectrum the “entourage effect”, meaning the sum is greater than its parts. There is evidence that the medical effects of cannabis are amplified when the whole plant is used, as opposed to isolating just the CBD or THC. Full Spectrum is usually amber/brownish colour and has an earthy, nutty flavour. EuphoricBliss.Co tinctures add a hint of mint to soften the earthy flavour.

Since all the cannabinoids are extracted to make this oil, that means that there is traces of THC in this product. Its not enough to give any psychoactive effects, the “high” feeling, but it’s enough to make someone who is sensitive to THC have a slight effect if 1-2 full droppers of the higher strength options.

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